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When do the main doors close? How do I get out after 2130?

The clinic's main doors (in the entrance hall) close at 2130, when the welcome staff go off duty. After 2130, visitors can leave the clinic:

  • via the emergency exits (in the entrance hall) to head for the Hippocrate car park;
  • via -3 (the staff exit) to head for Alma Metro station and the university campus.

Where do I pay for parking?

When you leave Cliniques, an automatic cash machine on your right will allow you to pay for parking in Hippocrate or Esplanade (see map). You may use coins and notes.
You can also pay at the booth in the car park itself (a small white building). Proton cards are acceptable; you can recharge them in the Cliniques entrance hall or on 3 at the terminals provided.

Are there free parking spaces? Where are they?

Ideal car park is free for the first two hours. Mounier car part is free for the first four hours. If you park for longer, it will cost 5. These two car parks are some way from Cliniques (+/- 500 m, see map).
Parking places are also available along the highway.

Can disabled persons park for free?

Disabled persons can use the Hippocrate and Esplanade car parks free of charge (these are paying car parks independent of Cliniques; see map), subject to the following conditions:

  • They must hold a disabled person's blue card.
  • The cardholder must be going for the consultation. Ask for the stamp of your consultation department on the back of the card.

After these formalities, exchange your ticket at the welcome point. Do not forget to present a disabled person's blue card. Preferably, as daily ticket numbers are limited, you should go to the welcome point immediately after the formalities.
Free parking is not available to disabled persons visiting family members in hospital or accompanying family members to consultations.

Where can I find a wheelchair to get about in the hospital?

Wheelchairs are available for patients at the main entrance, from outside or in the central hall.

How do I get to Alma metro station?

You can reach this station:

  • By leaving Cliniques via level 0, behind the shop, and then by taking the walkway; go down to 1 and follow directions.
  • By leaving via -3 and following the direction signs (see map)

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Where can I eat?

L'Auberge, our cafeteria, is in the welcome hall, offering light snacks (sandwiches and Viennese pastry products).
After 1900, when L'Auberge closes, automatic vending machines providing drinks and sweets are available close to the emergency department (also on level 0).
The campus provides a wide range of snacks and restaurants.

Where can I find accommodation close to Cliniques Saint-Luc? (hotel, guest house etc)

Le Roseau, the Cliniques Saint-Luc guesthouse on site, provides accommodation at reasonable prices, a listening ear, and a roof over the head.
There are also various hotels in the campus area, such as Sodehotel.

Is there a lost property office?

Yes, there is a lost property office for both patients and visitors on the second floor of Cliniques. Open 0800-1600 Monday to Friday, Tel: 02 764 11 11.

Is a Catholic mass held regularly? Where is it held?

Sunday Mass is celebrated in the large first floor chapel, every Sunday at 1030 hours. Volunteers collect bedbound patients and bring them to Mass, or give them Communion in their bedroom.
During the week, Mass is celebrated at 1730 hours Monday to Friday in the fourth floor chapel. This chapel (the Oratory) is open day and night for private prayer. A book of intentions is also available there.
In the welcome hall of Cliniques, opposite L'Auberge, is the Spiritual Meeting Place, where representatives of each religion or philosophy can provide a listening ear.