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At your service... (in alphabetical order)

Admissions welcome

Welcoming staff are available in the central hall on the ground floor to give you and your visitors all the information you need. You can contact them seven days a week between 07.30 and 21.30.
Welcome: 02 764 55 55

Assistance: spiritual and secular

We make a point of respecting your beliefs. If you or your relatives want a representative of your religion (Anglican, Catholic, Jewish, Moslem, Orthodox, Protestant or Buddhist) or a secular counsellor to call, please complete the form attached to the hospital admission booklet, and hand it to us.
They will happily welcome you to the Spiritual Meeting Point, a meeting and exchange place (entrance hall) where they maintain a permanent presence. Three places are open for prayer and meditation: chapels on the first floor (during the day) and fourth floor (24 hours a day) and a "Pluralist Meeting Place" (entrance hall, Albert 1er and Queen Elisabeth Institute).
Spiritual Meeting Point: 02 764 11 89

The Catholic chaplaincy is available by request, between 09.30 and 20.00. Prayer or Eucharist is celebrated at 17.30 Monday to Friday in the fourth floor chapel.
On Sundays, Eucharist is celebrated at 10.30 in the first floor chapel. Volunteers can take you there, if you can move independently, or bring you communion in your room. Ask your unit nurse.
Catholic chaplaincy: – 02 764 45 01


A cash machine is available in the main hall.
You can pay by card in every shop of the hospital.


A number of shops are located on the ground floor of Cliniques, selling books, magazines, food, periodicals, flowers, toys, gifts for adults and children, batteries, items of hygiene etc. Payment by card is acceptable. Volunteers can bring you newspapers or magazines, paid for in cash, in your room every day.

  • Monday-Friday 08.00-19.00
  • Saturday 09.00-18.00
  • Sunday 10.00-18.00

"Carrefour Santé"

To fulfil its task as a health promoter, it provides an information area known as "Carrefour Santé" (the Health Crossroads) from Monday to Friday. Free brochures and a wealth of information on health are on offer.


A hairdresser visits every Tuesday. To book an appointment, contact a care team member. This service is payable in cash.


You may receive mail when you enter hospital. Your unit care staff distribute mail every working day. To make distribution easier, please ask people writing to you to mention the following information:

Your surname (maiden name for married women) and forename.
Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc
Room number and care unit reference (US...)
Avenue Hippocrate 10, 1200 Brussels

For outgoing mail, a post box is available on the ground floor of the hospital next to the "Press Shop". Collection is daily at 14:15.


To prevent disruption of education during stays in hospital, young people can benefit from carefully adapted free education. The École Escale, recognised and subsidised by the Ministry of Education, provides nursery, primary and secondary school facilities; it is open during term time on the 8th Floor and in the paediatric day hospital (-3, Albert 1er and Queen Elisabeth Institute). Education is given in class or at the bedside for young people unable to move about. If your child is not admitted to a paediatric unit, please ask the nurse to tell the École Escale.
École Escale: 02 764 58 10
Website of Ecole Escale

Supervision of children

Children have:

  • A games room in which workshops and various other activities are organised.
  • A play room.
  • A library.

Child supervision: 02 764 81 02 / 82 02

Accommodation for family members

If one of your relatives wishes to stay with you, the Le Roseau guesthouse, located a stone's throw from the hospital, can welcome and accommodate them. It offers your relative a warm welcome and a bed. Each bedroom has a private toilet (WC, shower and washbasin). A financial contribution is requested for bed and breakfast. There is a 24-hour personal presence, and an internal telephone connects Le Roseau to the patients' rooms. Le Roseau is open from 07.30 - 22.30 daily.
Le Roseau, 12 Place Carnoy, 1200 Brussels 02 764 20 50


Free WIFI internet is available everywhere at Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc and the UCL Campus near the hospital.

Lost property

All lost property is held at the "lost property unit", open from 09.00-12.30 and from 13.30-16.15 Tuesday to Friday.

Car parks

Two paying car parks, managed by QPark, are available close to Cliniques:

  • Hippocrate (P1), opposite the main entrance to Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc.
  • Esplanade (P2), alongside the Albert 1er and Queen Elisabeth Institute (IAE).

There is a fixed daily charge for stays over several hours. Preferential conditions apply for long stays.
Q-Park : 02 772 65 38


You may, through the nurse in your unit, request a visit from a pedicurist. This service is payable in cash.

Pension (transfer)

If you are in hospital for over a month, you may have your pension transferred to Cliniques. You should apply through your local post office. The Admissions Department will advise you when your pension is received; it will be kept safe in the strongbox.
Admissions: 02 764 13 21 / 15 51 / 15 44

Restaurant facilities


L'Auberge, located on the ground floor, offers a wide range of food: Viennese pastries in the morning, hot snacks at lunchtime, sandwiches, and hot and cold drinks.
L'Auberge is open from 07.00-19.00 Monday to Friday and 11.00-18.00 Saturday and Sunday.
Payment by card, Proton and cash are acceptable.

Restaurant Le Médoc

Located opposite L'Auberge, on the ground floor. Le Médoc offers a varied menu in a warm, welcoming environment. In the afternoon, the catering team offers excellent bakery products. A takeaway service also provides everything available on the Le Médoc menu as well as home made cold dishes. Le Médoc is open 11.30-20.00 Monday to Friday.
Payment by card is acceptable.
Le Médoc 02 764 12 45

Le Lucullus

The staff restaurant Le Lucullus is open to patients and visitors from 11.30 to 14.00. It is located on level -3.
Payments by card, cash and Proton are acceptable.

Sitting room

A sitting room with television is provided on each floor. Radio and television facilities are provided here.

Social services

If you experience difficulties with your hospital admission, social services can help before, during and after your stay. They can:

  • Provide assistance with a number of social security and social aid procedures (indemnity applications, applications for benefits etc).
  • Help you overcome social, familial, administrative and other problems.
  • Prepare for your discharge (convalescence period, home help etc).

Do not hesitate to request a visit from a social worker through the nurse in your unit. You may contact social services between 08.30 and 12.30, and between 13.15 and 17.00, Monday to Friday.
Social services 02 764 15.82.


Teams of volunteers will accompany you as you move around the hospital. They will help you participate in workshops and carry out various tasks designed to improve your comfort (provide newspapers, take care of flowers etc). If you just need a friendly chat, do not hesitate to call on them.
Volunteers : 02 764 15 08