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Your departure

As far as possible, we will ensure that you leave hospital before 11 am.


When your recovery begins, the doctor treating you will advise you of your probable discharge date. Social Services are available if you have any problems connected with discharge (period of convalescence, home help etc).

On discharge day, the doctor will give you all the necessary information on continuation of your treatment and send you a provisional report for your GP.

If you wish to leave hospital without the doctor's consent, you may do so, provided you sign a document discharging the institution from all liability.

Before you leave hospital, we will ask you to:

  • Check that you have not left anything in your room.
  • Go to your unit nursing station to recover your personal medical documents and ensure that all the formalities have been completed.
  • Go to the Admissions Department in order to:
    • Pick up your valuables (during working hours only and provided you produce your receipt)
    • Return the TV remote control and refrigerator key
    • Obtain a certificate of stay in hospital for your insurance company (outside working hours, please go to the welcoming staff).
    • Complete the customer satisfaction survey.

Cost of stay

Your hospital stay invoice will be sent to your home. In accordance with legal requirements, it will mention:

  • The medical charges payable by your insurance or mutual insurance company.
  • Medical or other charges not reimbursed by your insurance but payable by you.

Invoicing department: 02 764 15 08

Warning: your additional insurance may not cover all hospital stay costs. Find out more from your insurance or mutual insurance company or social security or professional organisation.

Certificate of stay

If the unit doctor has to complete certain documents, you must hand them to the care staff when you arrive and take them back when you leave.

With additional insurance, some mutual insurance company groups pay an indemnity calculated for each day of stay in hospital. To obtain this indemnity, you should request a certificate of stay from the Admissions Department on discharge. You may also request this certificate by telephone from the department, which will send it to your home. The certificate could also help if you have taken out hospital insurance with a private insurance company.

How do I get home?

Public transport and taxis are available outside Cliniques. However, if your condition dictates, you may be given suitable transport (ambulance etc). Please contact your unit nurse, who will order the transport or help you arrange it.

Your transport bill will be sent to your home by the ambulance company. Part of the total will be reimbursed if you have taken out additional insurance with your mutual company or if your hospital admission insurance provides for it.

Convalescence and rest

After your stay in hospital, Social Services may help you in the following processes:

  • A return home assisted by a Co-ordinated Care Centre
  • A short-term or longer-term convalescence
  • Admission to a rest home or care home
  • Orthopaedic rehabilitation