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Paediatric haematology and oncology centre

The paediatric haematology and oncology day hospital welcomes patients with leukaemia and other blood disorders, solid tumours, and children with AIDS.

These children visit the day hospital for an examination, which leads to a diagnosis that often reveals something serious, a transfusion, chemotherapy, examinations such as punctures that require short-acting anaesthetics, or a follow-up visit.

Children undergoing treatment who suffer a sudden flare-up in temperature, severe bleeding or any other problem, will be taken care of as soon as they arrive in the department, between 0800 and 1800.

Against this busy background, about one hundred children per week are cared for. The children's care team have acquired skills and knowledge that are regularly updated.

Treatment in hospital causes stress and distress for both children and parents. To reduce levels of stress and distress, the care team, working closely with the medical team and the day hospital school (École Escale) has organised a number of different projects.

A verbal agreement is essential and, as time goes on, a relationship of confidence grows between the child, the child's family and the team. To keep the information up to date, we offer various media.

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