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Outpatient surgery – HOSPI DAY

Many operations can now be performed with short-acting anaesthetics, allowing patients to leave the hospital in complete safety just a few hours after the operation. This is known as outpatient or "day" surgery.

The procedure followed is the same as for a classic stay in hospital, except that you must meet the anaesthetist

beforehand. A health questionnaire with anaesthesia in mind will be given to you.

The "Hospi Day" outpatients' unit is located on level -2 and is open from 0730 to 1830 hours. It is advisable for a relative or friend to accompany you. Accompaniment is essential for children, elderly people and the disabled. Nobody except the person accompanying you may visit. If you have nobody to accompany you, you may be accommodated in the Hospital Relay, where you will spend the night following your operation.

Secretary: 02 764 24 30 - Nurses' office: 02 764 24 33.

Before the operation

The surgeon will discuss your proposed operation during the surgical consultation. He will invite you to contact the bed reservations department and the outpatients surgery department to reserve a bed, obtain various documents on your operation and meet an anaesthetist, during the three months before the operation and not later than one month before the operation.
The surgeon may also prescribe you a number of pre-operative examinations (blood test, ECG, X-ray) or refer you to a colleague if he believes a further procedure is necessary. The anaesthetist gives the definitive consent to day surgery.
You will give your consent to this treatment after reading the instructions concerning day surgery. You are advised to keep your treating physician informed of the timetable for your operation.

Operation day

You will be expected at Hospi Day not later than 0730 on operation day, with an empty stomach (nothing to eat or drink, not even water, from midnight on operation day). A nurse will welcome you and show you to your room for the day. A valid Cliniques Saint-Luc badge is essential for your registration.

Once in your room, you will receive visits from the surgeon and anaesthetist. The anaesthetist may prescribe you a premed before you are taken to the operating theatre. He may have to postpone the operation, even if you are already in hospital, if it appears that the conditions necessary for your safety have not been met.

After the operation

After surgery, you will spend about half an hour in the operating unit recovery room to enable an anaesthetist and nurse to monitor you closely. You will then return to your room. You may return home at the end of the afternoon, after the anaesthetist's visit. The anaesthetist gives the "green light" for your departure. In some cases he may, for your safety, ask you to remain in hospital.

The medical team will inform you and your family of the care required when you return home. Before your departure, you will be given accurate information, adapted to your type of surgery, on any medical prescriptions, and a report for your GP.

If a problem or complication occurs after your return home (severe pain, violent nausea and/or vomiting, heavy bleeding) you may either contact Hospi Day during working hours (0730-1830), or call your treating physician, or contact the emergency surgery or anaesthetic department (02 764 16 03).
A nurse will contact you on the day following the operation in order to find out how you are doing.

General recommendations

To have an outpatient operation, you must

  • Have your own telephone or access to one close by
  • Have a suitable adult with you throughout the 24 hours following your return home
  • Be capable of being taken home by a third party driver

On the operation day, do not forget

  • You must have an empty stomach from the previous midnight: you must not eat or drink anything, even water.
  • Avoid make-up and nail varnish. False teeth, contact lenses and glasses must be removed before you go down to the operating theatre.
  • If you are taking medicines, stick rigidly to the instructions given during your pre-operation visit.
  • You must keep to the timetable given to you (you are expected at 0730 hours); if you do not, the operation will be postponed.

After the operation, and for at least 24 hours, ensure that you:

  • Rest.
  • Gradually return to full eating.
  • Do not consume any alcohol or sedatives (sleeping pills or tranquillisers) or aspirin; only prescribed medicines are authorised.
  • Do not take aspirin.
  • Do not drive a vehicle (even a bicycle) or handle machinery (saws, mowers etc).
  • Do not take any important decisions (such as signing a contract).

Your operation will be postponed if:

  • You do not attend the anaesthetic consultation (if one is planned). If your state of health changes following your pre-operation anaesthesia visit, please call the Hospi Day secretary (Tel. 02 764 24 30, 02 764 24 33) so that we can take the necessary steps.
  • You do not have an empty stomach.
  • You do not arrive on time. You may be charged for the cost of setting up and reserving the operating theatre if you do not attend for your appointment without giving us 48 hours' notice (except in circumstances of force majeure). If for personal convenience you have to alter the date of the operation, a new appointment may be booked by telephoning 02 764 24 30.
  • No responsible adult is able to drive you home.
  • You do not have a telephone or an adult who is able to stay with you.