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In your room

As a patient, you can choose between

  • Shared rooms with two beds (sometimes four in Unit 71)
  • Single rooms which may be a room with one bed or a privatized room with two beds. It means there is a second bed for an eventual accompanying party (parent, friend, husband/wife, etc.).

Most of the rooms have a shower but some (both shared and individual) do not. We cannot tell you that on the day of your admission.


All rooms have a fridge except for rooms in Unit 56, in Intensive care unit and Neonatology.


All rooms are equipped with telephones. To receive outside calls more quickly, we advise you to inform your friends and relatives of your telephone number:

  • For rooms with one or two beds: the telephone number is your room number preceded by 02 764 0...

You can dial an outside line from your room by dialing 66 followed by the secret code, given to you upon admission, followed by the # sign and the number you wish to reach. This code is strictly confidential and guarantees you an accurate telephone bill. You will find the telephone call charges on page 6 of the document “Explanations about the Admission declaration” which was given to you when being admitted. Telephone booths are also available on the ground floor.



Rooms with one or two beds are equipped with television. A remote control is at your disposal next to your bed. When leaving, please let the remote in the room in a conspicuous location. Do not take it with you otherwise you will be charged €50 for the remote. In two-bedded rooms, the TV set requires use of headphones. This disposable device specific to Saint-Luc is invoiced for a modest sum, which can be found on page 6 of the document “Explanations about the Admission declaration” (in french).


The Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc offers a free Wifi access for patients, visitors and staff members: “Free@Saint-Luc”