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Your stay

You must arrive at the time and date shown on your invitation, at the "hospital admission" desks located in the main entrance hall.

Your admission

The desks are open:

  • 0700-1730 hours Monday to Friday
  • 1330-1600 hours Saturday
  • 1400-1800 hours Sundays and public holidays

Admissions 02 764 15 44 / 13 21 / 15 51

Documents to be presented

  • Your identity card or passport
  • Your social security (SIS) card or European Health Card
  • An invitation from the hospital admissions planning department
  • Details of your GP
  • Documents relating to reimbursement of hospital charges (insurance company, order from your CPAS, etc).

Hospital charges instalment payment

On admission, you will be asked to pay an instalment. This total varies according to room type and duration of stay in hospital. Hospital day prices are shown in an annex to the admission booklet.

When you arrive in the care unit

When you arrive, a care team member will welcome you. An identification bracelet will be placed on your wrist. Keep it there until you leave; it is your identity card while you are in the hospital.

The care staff will explain how to handle your bed, call a nurse, and use telephones, lights and television. They will also ask you questions to find out more about you (allergies, medicines, artificial limbs/joints etc). Do not hesitate to ask them any questions you may have.

All rooms are equipped with private washroom, WC and 220-volt electrical socket. Bathroom facilities are available in your care unit.

Private and two-bed rooms are equipped with television and, in some cases, a refrigerator.
A member of staff may stay with you for an extra charge (private rooms only).
If you wish to store food in the unit refrigerator, please ask the care staff.

Are you leaving your room temporarily?

Do not forget to:

  • Warn the nurse.
  • Put on a dressing gown, robe or tracksuit.
  • Lock up personal possessions.
  • Take the key with you or hand it to a nurse.
  • Close the door to your room.

You may not leave the hospital premises.

"A Smoke-Free Hospital"

The clinic is a member of the "Smoke-Free Hospital" European network. Smoking in the hospital is strictly forbidden. If you want help in upholding the ban on smoking, please talk to the care team. Brochures are also available from the "Carrefour SantÚ" in the clinic entrance hall.


Many different staff members work together to welcome and care for you. Here are a few tips on how to recognise them:

Work clothes (dresses, tunics, trousers)

  • White (doctors, nurses, paramedics, dieticians)
  • White, blue collar (care workers, childminders, stretcher bearers)
  • White, green collar (nursing administrators)
  • Blue tunic, white trousers (logistical assistants)
  • White, beige collar (dietician's assistants)
  • White, yellow collar (managers)
  • Yellow (bedroom maids)
  • Beige (porters, floor technicians)

Identifying badges

  • Red letters on white background (medical staff)
  • Blue letters on white background (nursing staff)
  • Black letters on white background (administrative, technical and catering staff)


Meals are served:

  • Between 0800 and 0900 (breakfast)
  • Between 1230 and 1300 (lunch)
  • About 1800 (evening meal).

Drinks are provided with meals. A hot drink will also be offered during the afternoon (tea, coffee, herbal tea).
The week's menu is displayed in your care unit. You may advise certain preferences by completing the slip attached to your hospital admission booklet.

Water bottle dispensers

Fresh water-bottle dispensers are available on all floors in the hospital admissions section.
Catering services: 02 764 37 56

Hospital-borne infections

These infections affect patients in hospital and are mainly passed on by hand-to-hand contact. You may be a carrier of one of these infections without knowing it. To help protect us, you must observe scrupulous hand hygiene. For further information, please contact the nurse in your unit.
Hospital hygiene committee: 02 764 67 33.