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Clinical Trial Center

Definition : What is clinical research?


Clinical research is performed on human beings, with the aim of improving their health.

In most cases, clinical research is based on new medicine or new techniques. The trials involve both the research of effectiveness (of the molecule) as well as identifying possible adverse effects. The research can also focus on the best mode of administration: route, dosage and form (pills, capsules etc.), duration...

Sometimes the research protocols concern older medicine, either to test it for new indications, or to determine the best timelines for its administration (preventive or curative treatment).

Consequently, there is always some uncertainty surrounding clinical research.

The Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc are committed to performing clinical research while respecting the integrity of the individual. Therefore, we adhere to the international "Good Clinical Practice" and European and Belgian legislation. All clinical research must be approved by the Ethics Committee before it is launched.

Update: October 2015