Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery Unit


The Upper Gastro-Intestinal Surgery Unit of the Saint-Luc Academic Hospital is a highly specialized care entity devoted to patients suffering from an esophageal, gastric or duodenal disease.

In order to provide each individual with the most relevant treatment, the Unit has developed a close partnership with all the other medical entities of the Academic Hospital, especially Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care, Medical Gastro-Enterology, Medical Oncology, Radiotherapy, Radiology and Histo-Pathology.

Over the years, several original surgical procedures have been designed and validated and numerous scientific studies published in the surgical literature.

The Unit offers expertise and facilities allowing endoscopic, laparoscopic, thoracoscopic, and conventional operations and functional investigations (e.g. 24-hour monitoring of the presence of bile in the esophagus and stomach).