Preoperative Consultation

Contact number: 02 764 17.82.
The service situated at the level -1 E1 and it receives the neurosurgical patients on Tuesday between 8.30 to 12.00 am.

After the neurosurgical consultation, if you should be operated on, take an appointment at the Planification des séjours hospitaliers (level 0) in order to reserve your room and fix the dates of the preoperative examinations as well the PIE anesthesic consultation (contact: 02 764 17.82).

During this consultation, a health report is realized by a nurse and you meet an anesthesiologist. A blood test and electrocardiogram (ECG) and a Xrays thorax are generally realized. Additional examinations can be prescribed by the anesthesiologist.

Your admission

Generally, you will be admitted to the hospital the day before surgery.
If you have been already shown up at the PIE, you may be present at 13.00 at the hospital admission. On contrary, if you have been not at the PIE, we advise you to be present at 11.00.

Your arrival in the department

At you arrival, you will have welcomed by the secretary that will join you till your room.
A nurse will remain with you to understand better your needs and your expectations during your hospitalization. She will answer all your questions and will inform you during your hospitalization.
The afternoon preceding your intervention, you will meet your anesthesiologist as well your surgeon.
Your skin will be prepared with antiseptics: every patient programmed to be operated, should have his/her shower or realize his toilet with a savon isobetadine the day before and the day of his intervention. A minor lavement (washing out) from the anus- fasting begins at the midnight.