The department of neurosurgery is situated in the 7th floor of the Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc (unit 72).
It is composed of 24 beds divided in 11 common rooms with two beds in each and 2 private rooms with one bed in each.

Multidisciplinary team

The nurse team is composed from 15 nurses in addition to 6 nursing assistants with an expertise in Neurosurgery as well nurses specially formed of taken in charge the operated patients. Ms Catherine DeTiege is the leader of nurses in our team.
The team has as well three physiotherapists, one psychologist and one social assistant.
The patient can equally benifeted from other services such as diet adviser and ergotherapy, etc.
The neuroanesthesy unit is supervised by Pr Michel Van Boven et Dr MA. Docquier.
The intesive care unit (D) welcomes the patients of Neurosurgery and is directed by Professor Hanson for medical team and by Ms Agnés Mertes for nurse team.


The first neurosurgical interventions in the Clinics of the "Université Catholique de Louvain" were realized before the forties of this century. Professor John Morelle who had accomplished a training stage with Harvey Cushing in USA initiated this step.

The "Institut de Neurologie Louvaniste" was created in 1952. At that era, Albert Dereymaeker (1916-1988) was stated as the first genuine neurosurgeon of our university. It was replaced in1965 by the professor G. Stroobandt; the head of the Unit of Neurosurgery. This unit was considered as a part of the Neuropsychiatry department and associated pathologies.

In 1996, Professor Raftopoulos has created the Department of Neurosurgery. He has increased the department's activity of more than 300%. Approximately, 1000 interventions are performed per year. Furthermore, the department was endowed with technologies that paralelly allowed the developing of several surgical fields. Hereby a general idea:

1996: The introduction of the neuronavigation system (MKM-Zeiss). The initiation of the DBS group of St-Luc hospital and the beginning of the collaboration with the laboratory of neural rehabilitation.

1997: The development of the Sterotactic Functional Neurosurgery.

1998: The introduction of the spinal neuronavigation, establishment of a new type of electrode around the optic nerve in a blind patient, and a clinical experimental research at an international level of new agent facilitating the penetration of the cytotoxics at the level of the blood-brain barrier.

1999: The introduction of new software of stereotaxy useful for Deep Brain Stimulation as well for the development of brain endoscopic surgery.

2000: The management of medically intractable pain by cortical electrostimulation.

2001: The initiation of worldly unequalled intraoperative MRI project, the development of Doppler per-operative (in the microsurgery of the aneurysms and intracranial anastomoses), radiotherapy, neuronal cell recording in the surgery of Parkinson's disease and abnormal movements.