There are two possibilities

1. Scholarship Duration: one or two years.

The recipient is responsible of data management of the department. That means that full fluency with Microsoft Office and Windows is required. The recipient can also participate to the management of difficult cases on a theoretical basis (for instance using neuronavigation).

2. Clinical Neurosurgery

Admission Criteria

Candidates to a post-graduate course in neurosurgery will be selected on basis of rank positioning at the UCL General Surgery and Neurosurgery Examination. Out of a 100 score, 30 points are attributed to General Surgery examination (general anatomy) and 70 points to neurosurgery. Concerning the neurosurgical part, multiple choice exam will count for 40 points, participation to UCL seminars in neurosurgery and collaboration to a scientific paper 10 points (one point by seminar and five points maximum for a paper). A general interview with discussion of two clinical cases counts for 20 points and will be carried out before the teaching commission in neurosurgery

Possible courses

The recipient can follow a complementary formation (one or two years) or a full formation (6 years). The full formation consists of one year of general surgery, one year of neurology, 4 years of neurosurgery. Both courses will be rewarded by a scientific diploma in Neurosurgery delivered by the Catholic University of Louvain-Brussels

Teaching commission in Neurosurgery

Chairman: Pr C. Raftopoulos
Members: Pr J.L. Scholtes, Pr C. Sindic, Pr K van Rijckevorsel, Pr G. Cosnard, Dr J. Riberio-Vaz, Dr Th.Gustin, Dr Ph. Hantson, Dr MC Nassogne, Dr E. Fomekong.

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Working days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.