Antenatal classes

You are invited by our midwives to attend antenatal classes that are run throughout the year and cover four broad subjects. We believe that the experience will prepare you better for the arrival of your baby.

  1. Pregnancy: administrative procedures during your pregnancy, your rights, maternity leave, childcare, antenatal appointments, changes to your body during pregnancy and important things to look out for in relation to the health of you and your baby.
  2. Delivery: signs of labour and when to contact the labour ward, an overview of labour, epidurals for pain relief, caesarean sections, delivery and the newborn baby and a tour of the labour ward.
  3. Postnatal care: length of stay, rooms, visiting times, registering the birth and paperwork, wellbeing of mother and baby following delivery and tour of the maternity ward.
  4. Breastfeeding: why choose to breastfeed your baby, how does breastfeeding work (physiology), care provided by the midwives and nursery nurses, the role of the father, growth and development of your baby and a general discussion reflecting our experiences and practical advice.

These group sessions provide the opportunity to meet various members of the team, visit the maternity department, to ask questions and to meet other women in the same situation as you.

Hoping to see you soon

The midwives