The department of obstetrics and gynaecology divided into two separate departments in 1987. This has permitted a development of the service in line with modern practices in the field of antenatal care and childbirth. Over the last 10 years two sub-specialities have emerged, namely fetal medicine and the care of high-risk pregnancies. This led to the creation of two separate units within the obstetric service, Fetal Medicine and the Maternal Intensive Care unit.

The obstetric service is provided by a continual presence of obstetricians and midwifes that together ensure the safety of both mother and newborn child without neglecting the human aspects of pregnancy and childbirth.

As befitting a department within a university teaching hospital, the obstetric service is able to offer all possible treatments to those who need specialist care. It is actively involved in fundamental and clinical research and undertakes training of both doctors and students to ensure continued excellent care in the future.

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