Midwifery-led care

The obstetric department offers antenatal appointments with two midwives. This service has been developed in response to a growing demand from women to have their pregnancies followed in a less invasive and more holistic manner.

How does it work?

The midwifery appointments take place in the antenatal clinic (route 401). Antenatal care, delivery and post-natal follow-up is offered for normal pregnancies as well as offering postnatal care following caesarean sections and providing assistance for breastfeeding. The care that is given follows strict guidelines and there is always an obstetrician available for advice if necessary. Technical acts such as ultrasound scans are provided by members of the medical staff. Advantages of midwifery-led care may include the development of a relationship between midwife and the pregnant woman and her partner that facilitates free discussion of the medical, social and emotional issues that arise during pregnancy and childbirth.


Appointments may be arranged for weekdays (excluding Wednesdays) by telephoning 02 764 18 18.