Painless childbirth - myth or reality?

Many techniques are available for helping women cope with the pain of childbirth. The technique that is most effective and used most frequently is the epidural. Here at Cliniques Universitaires St-Luc we have significant experience in the use of epidural anaesthesia, its secondary effects and the rare complications associated with its use. There is 24-hour resident cover by the anaesthetic team who will be able to advise you regarding pain relief specific to your requirements at the time of labour. General information is available from the antenatal classes organised by the labour ward. Alternatively you may require an appointment with a consultant anaesthetist in the outpatients department. This is particularly useful for those with conditions that can affect the use of epidurals (previous back surgery, blood-clotting disorders etc ...), or those with a previous negative experience of pain in childbirth.
In any case, please feel free to discuss pain relief with your obstetrician and if any questions remain we would be happy to discuss matters further with you.

Dr F Roelants
On behalf of the Anaesthetic service

Outpatient appointments with an anaesthetist take place on Thursday mornings in the obstetric antenatal clinic (Level -1, Clinic B2, Tel 764 18 18)