Emotional wellbeing

Pregnancy and childbirth is a time of great change that impacts on the pregnant woman, her partner and her family. Often this is seen as a positive experience but for a significant number of people the physical and emotional changes take on a more negative aspect. Some women may have a predisposition to this - for example a previous episode of postnatal depression. Others may experience difficulties as a result of complications occurring in the pregnancy such as an abnormal screening test for Down"s syndrome, an abnormality found on ultrasound scan or the possibility of giving birth prematurely. The perinatal team (obstetrician, midwife, anaesthetist, paediatrician), are willing to help but frequently more specialised help is required.
The perinatal psychiatric team comprising two psychologists and a consultant perinatal psychiatrist specialising in maternity problems is available to provide this help and act as a link between the woman, her family and the rest of the perinatal team. Outpatient consultations can be arranged with the perinatal psychiatric team but the team is also available as required for problems arising as a result of hospitalisation or following other complications. All information is treated as strictly confidential.

Mrs Kirsch and Mrs De Gheest (Psychologists)
Professor Luc Roegiers (Consultant psychiatrist)
Department of Perinatal Psychiatry


Outpatient appointments 02 764 43 39
Prof Roegiers 02 764 43 39
Mrs Kirsch and Mrs De Gheest 02 764 80 17