International patients

International patients are welcome

University Hospital Saint-Luc welcomes many international patients. Whether you live in Belgium, another country of the European Union or elsewhere, we always try to do our best to make your stay as easy and comfortable as possible at our hospital.

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If you don't have Belgian or European social security coverage, visit
our international patient's website


If you have social security coverage (Belgian health insurance, European Health Insurance Card for the 28 countries of the European Union + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, S2 form [formerly E112]).

Then the following insurances are valid:

  • Health insurance: Belgian social security
  • S2 form (formerly E112): for planned medical treatment. Signed and stamped original only, stating the details of the insured person, the period during which treatment costs will be covered (expected admission and discharge dates) and the name University Hospital Saint-Luc.
  • European Health Insurance Card for essential unplanned medical treatment during a temporary stay in Belgium.
  • You can contact the medical service directly to make an appointment with the desired specialist. Alternatively, call the general number of University Hospital Saint-Luc : + 32 2 764 11 11

If you have any questions, call the european conventions' coordinator: