Visits and accommodation


Relatives and friends are welcome. However, we recommend that people with a potentially contagious disease to restrain from visiting a relative in hospital in order to protect them.
If children pay you a visit, make sure they respect your neighbors' need for peace and quiet.

For you comfort and the well-being of other patients, you are asked to respect visiting hours. Please stick to visiting hours.

Please note that Maternity, Pediatric and Intensive care services have their own designated visiting times. They are displayed at the entrance of said services.

To guarantee quality patient care, please ask your family and friends to

  • Leave the room during treatment or doctors'/paramedics' visits;
  • Avoid too long visits;
  • Limit the number of visitors to a maximum of 2 or 3 per patient in order to not disrupt your resting or other patients' rest.

The toilet in your room is not available to visitors. Public bathrooms for visitors stand near the elevators.

Flowers are welcome except in the units and rooms for immunocompromised patients and in the acute-care sectors, such as neonatology, intensive care and the labor room. Potted plants are forbidden in all areas where patients are being treated.

Parents/children rooms

If your child is hospitalized in Unit 91 (children under the age of 2 in Cardiology, general Pediatrics, Neurology and Surgery), you can spend the night with him/her, in one of the parents/children rooms. Every room has a folding bed, a recliner and a bathroom. One of the parents can then spend the night in the hospital; the other must stay at the Roseau.

Le Roseau

Le Roseau allows relatives of both children and adults admitted to Cliniques Saint-Luc to stay with them during their stay in hospital. Le Roseau provides not just accommodation, but a listening ear and support for families.
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