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Clinical trial Center

Clinical research is one of the missions of academic hospitals. In this context, the Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc (CUSL) have built a centralized management structure for clinical research called the "Clinical Trial Center" (CTC).

Clinical Research


The mission of the Clinical Trial Center is to professionalize the organization and coordination of the clinical research carried out at the Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc. It will cover all aspects of industry-sponsored and academic research from an economic and scientific perspective.

The CTC work is divided into five areas:

  • Regulatory and financial aspects
  • Quality and accreditation
  • Information management and reporting
  • Human resources
  • Support for the academic research

The objective of the Clinical Trial Center is to develop high-quality and innovative research, which is quantitatively significant and contributes to the development of the institution, in harmony with the healthcare and training provided.

Clinical research - an academic mission

Clinical research, which is a differentiating factor from other healthcare institutions, allows for innovative diagnoses and therapeutic approaches, while reinforcing the confidence of patients and the referring physicians.

It also attracts healthcare professionals pursuing a career in a hospital center. Clinical trials must be of a high standard of quality, as they promote higher quality healthcare.

Clinical research: toward medical progress and well-being

Clinical research is a state-of-the-art medical activity that combines medical care with the search for new treatments.

Clinical research protocols, also known as clinical trials or clinical studies, determine whether new medicines or treatments, or new applications of existing treatments, are safe and effective. Clinical research is the only method that helps us to know more about treating an illness in a patient. Clinical research can demonstrate that treatment is both effective and harmless. It facilitates progress with medical treatments to restore a patient's well-being.

Clinical research studies both serious illnesses and in more benign conditions, and helps transform knowledge into useful treatments. By allowing health professionals to bring into common use new technology, clinical tests refine their know-how and their understanding of disease. Participation in clinical research protocols also allows new treatments to be used as soon as they become available.

As an academic hospital, Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc believes strongly in integrating clinical research into high-level medicine for the benefit of patients.

These pages contain the information needed to help you understand clinical trials.

The clinical trials presented on this site are subject to constant surveillance and satisfy internal and international quality criteria that ensure protection of patients and continuation of high-quality medical care.

The Clinical Trial Center and the Ethics Committee work together to ensure high quality research all the while respecting both the participant and the laws in force.

Should you have any suggestions concerning the Clinical Trial Center website, do not hesitate to share them. You can contact the people listed below or send an email to

If you are healthy and would like to give of your time to clinical research, please send an email to You will be registered in a database of healthy volunteers for a potential enrollment in a clinical research. If you need more information about participating in a clinical research, please contact your general practitioner who will refer you to the relevant research units.

If you are already in treatment for a specific medical condition and would like more information on the ongoing clinical research in that field, we advise you to contact your doctor or specialist. He will refer you to the appropriate people.

Update: August 2017