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Quality management in clinical research


Saint-Luc is the first European hospital to receive a full international recognition for the quality its clinical research activities. It means the best guaranty of protection for the patients participating to clinical trials.

The Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc and the Comité d'Ethique Hospitalo-Facultaire Saint-Luc-UCL have the FULL AAHRPP ACCREDITATION (Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs: ) since September 17, 2015.

Earning AAHRPP accreditation means the organizations have demonstrated they have extensive safeguards in every level of research operation and adhere to high standards for research.

A quality system is in place and covers all the process of a clinical research as well as the Ethics Committee performance. Applicable procedures are available to sponsors/CRO upon request to the clinical research quality manager. Only the French version of the documents related to the biomedical research quality system have been validated. An English translation is available upon request to the quality manager for biomedical research.

The Ethics Committee ("Comité d'Ethique Hospitalo-Facultaire Saint-Luc UCL") is certified by the "Federal Public Service Health" according to the standards described in the Royal Decree of August 12, 1994.

Should you have any suggestions concerning the Clinical Trial Center or the Ethics Committee website, do not hesitate to share them. You can send an email to or to For specific information, you can contact the people listed below

Update: october 2018